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1. Einzigartiges Design
Verwenden Sie Wasserdruck einen Brunnen zu bilden für Kinder Spaß im Sommer zu haben.
2. Gut-Material
Splash Spielmatte Pad ist aus dicken umweltfreundlichem PVC-Material hergestellt.
3. Für den Lang letzte Verwendung.
Dielectric Schweißen, um sicherzustellen, starke und schöne Gelenke, keine undichte und nicht leicht zu brechen.

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3. Vor dem Spritzenauflage Einpacken, abtropfen lassen Sie das Wasser.
4.please halten von scharfen Gegenständen oder Brand zu vermeiden Schaden auf die Matte oder Ihre Kinder weg.

Typ: Water Splash Pad
Material: PVC
Größe: 68 Zoll
Farbe: Dunkelblau

1 x Sprinkler Pad
1 x Vinyl Kunststoff-Reparatursatz
1 x Rohrverbindungsteile
1 x Wasserdichte Ring

Time Bluefish Splash Pad, 68 Zoll Splash-Spiel-Matte im Freien W

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    IAS’ immigration lawyers are ready to work with you to remove the stress from any immigration process, maximising your chances of a successful outcome.

    If you are planning to visit, reside or extend your stay in the UK, our specialist advisers are here to help you and your family with our tailored immigration advice services.

    As part of our bespoke packages, you will be assigned an immigration lawyer who perfectly matches your individual and professional needs. Your personal lawyer will work with you to assess your needs, goals and eligibility, and guide you through your application journey, supporting you every step of the way.

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      How our UK immigration lawyers can help

      At the Immigration Advice Service, our lawyers specialise in a wide range of UK visas, nationality and asylum applications and have represented clients in various successful complex and high-profile cases.

      We can provide expert advice, practical assistance and professional representation to guide you through the application and decision-making process, from start to finish.

      We can help with any immigration service you are looking for. Speak to our customer client team to learn more about our packages and to receive the professional help you need to succeed.

      Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. Contact Us

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        Why choose the Immigration Advice Service team?

        Navigating the complexities of UK immigration law and visa applications can be a confusing process without the right help. Whatever the nature of your case, IAS’ immigration lawyers are ready to take this stressful burden away from you and your family.

        Why hire one of IAS’ lawyers?

        Our experienced nationwide immigration lawyers have an exemplary track record in Family and Partner Visa cases, as well as other point-based applications, such as Tier 1 and Skilled worker permits.

        Our bespoke services are available to those who plan to enter the UK, those who are already in the country and wish to extend their stay, and to asylum seekers and bail detainees.

        Our highly qualified and fully accredited immigration advisors have extensive knowledge of all key immigration legislation.

        All our lawyers and caseworkers undergo regular accredited training to keep abreast of any changes, including Home Office policies, practices and procedures, as well as in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

        We are also leading voices in the industry and have provided in-depth insight for various publications on how immigration and other political policies can impact the UK. Our staff’s work has been featured in mainstream media, such as The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

        How can IAS help me and my family?

        We have a nationwide network of immigration advice centres, and we provide efficient and excellent support to all our clients across Britain. We employ some of the best immigration specialists and caseworkers in the UK, and our staff are OISC-trained and regulated.

        As well as making private and corporate applications for clients, we conduct publicly funded work for asylum-seekers, domestic-abuse survivors and victims of trafficking. IAS has a Legal Aid Agency Specialist Quality Mark (SQM).

        We offer professional assistance for several immigration processes, such as:

        • Entry clearance, Leave to Enter and Leave to Remain
        • Applications under the Point-Based System
        • Marriage and Family Visas
        • Permanent residency and British citizenship applications
        • Work permits and employment immigration services
        • Deportation appeals, bail and detention matters
        • Refugee and humanitarian protection enquiries
        • Appeals and judicial review challenges

        We’re a National Immigration Lawyer Service with offices in over 20 cities around the UK.

        We employ more than 50 experienced immigration lawyers spanning over 20 offices in and around the UK. This means that we can meet with you in person at one of our UK offices, but we will also be happy to work remotely with you online or via the phone.

        Our immigration lawyers will always be available to work around what is best for you.

        You can come and meet our teams in one of our offices around the UK, including:

        We care about every single one of our clients, and we will do everything within our power to get the decision you deserve. The pictures on our website show only a small selection of our happy customers whom we helped secure the decision they deserved.

        Our London immigration lawyers are ready to deal with your immigration requirements today.

        Will my UK visa application be successful with IAS' services?

        If you proceed with an application with our lawyers, they will continue working with you, assisting you through each step of your application. They will help you check, gather and organise your supporting evidence, filing it into a successful application portfolio. This will make your application less likely to be delayed or rejected, by providing the Home Office with a comprehensive bundle of documents in support of your case.

        As a part of our services, your lawyer will write a detailed Letter of Representation to support your application. This letter, which is built upon specific case-law, immigration legislation and Home Office guidelines, will address the Home Office directly and discuss the merits of your case.

        To avoid any inaccuracy which may jeopardise your case, your dedicated lawyer will also complete and submit all your application forms and documents on your behalf. We will then continue to liaise with the Home Office until a result has been reached. Once a decision has been made, your lawyer will inform you of it immediately.

        Although only the UKVI has the authority to decide on each visa application and we cannot guarantee that your case will be successful, we can promise you that you and your family will always receive the highest quality of care, support and legal guidance from IAS.

        All our lawyers are the best in their fields, as demonstrated continuously by our success rates and reviews.

        What will my IAS’ immigration lawyers do?

        Our services range from advice sessions — where our lawyers assess your eligibility and initial requirements — to full application and appeal support packages. Our packages are entirely unique to each individual, crafted around specific situations and needs.

        As part of our service, you will be assigned an immigration lawyer who suits your needs. This means that we will pair you with a caseworker who has experience within the area of immigration, nationality, corporate, EEA or asylum law which is relevant to you.

        Your dedicated advisor will work closely with you to assess your immigration needs and outline an action plan to help you reach your goals. You will be provided with genuine and realistic information around your case, as well as detailed suggestions on the documents, evidence and application forms you will need for an application.

        Our top-rated services for UK businesses

        As leading experts and advisers to UK immigration lawyers, the Immigration Advice Service also offers an extensive range of corporate immigration services for entrepreneurs, overseas investors, businesses, employers, recruiters, and education providers.

        We offer specialist advice and assistance for those wanting to work or set up a business in the UK and can advise employers on obtaining a sponsor licence if they are seeking to recruit migrant employees on a UK visa or work permit.

        We can assist carriers and hauliers in meeting their legal obligations, as well as others operating worldwide transport services to the UK, and can offer education providers guidance on enrolling international graduates on a Student Visa.

        Get in touch with our team today to book your first, untimed consultation with one of our most talented experts in UK employment immigration law.

        Our lawyers will do all the work for you. Instruct us to complete and submit your application to the Home Office. Learn more

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          What immigration services does IAS offer?

          Whether you wish to immigrate to the UK to work, start your business, join your family or settle as a permanent citizen, our team of immigration lawyers have all the necessary knowledge and competence to support you.

          Partner and Family Visas

          At IAS, we are committed to helping our clients join their families in the UK. One of our lawyers will be happy to assist you and your beloved ones with any Family Visa application. These permits allow you to bring your children or partner to the UK, meaning that you won’t need to split up from your family, whether they are EEA citizens or live in any other country.

          We offer comprehensive and professional legal advice for the following circumstances:

          Businesses and Entrepreneurs

          The United Kingdom welcomes brilliant migrants who wish to invest in the UK or start their business under a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa.

          Talented businesspersons can also enhance their career in the UK by applying for a Start-Up Visa.

          Also, those who are currently living in the UK on a Tier 1 Visa can extend their stay by seeking our expert guidance for their Entrepreneur Visa extension.

          Our OISC-trained lawyers are experienced in employment immigration law, meaning that we can offer extensive and professional support to UK businesses who need to get a Sponsorship Licence. This is a fundamental requirement to employ international labour force and to hire foreign workers in your company.

          Speak to our team today to learn more about our 3D-Fototapete mit Schloss und Garten, Meerblick, Wandgemälde, Wo and our services for international businesses and entrepreneurs. You can call us, have a discussion with a member of our team in one of our offices, or enquire online.

          Skilled or Temporary Workers

          International skilled workers can apply for a Skilled Worker visa, provided that they hold a valid job offer from a UK-based company. Based on their occupations, migrants can enter the UK on a Sportsperson Visa, or as Minister of Religion applicants. This application route is also open for those who are being transferred to a UK branch of their company under an Intra-Company Transfer Visa.

          Our services for international workers are also available to those who wish to spend a limited amount of time in the UK and are seeking temporary employment. For example, charity workers, creative talents and specific categories of applicants may be eligible for a temporary worker visa. Similarly, young migrants aged 18 to 30 from one of the countries listed in one of the UK’s International Agreements, can apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme.

          International students and pupils

          We understand the importance of gaining a first-rate education, and we are happy to guide international pupils who wish to study in the UK through each step of their Student Visa application.

          Moreover, we offer dedicated advice for applicants under the age of 18 who have received an admittance letter from an accredited British educational institution and, subsequently, need to submit a Child Student Visa application.

          As a part of our services, we will liaise with both your sponsor and the Home Office to ensure that your application is processed in time to allow you to attend your course of study. If your case is successful, and you wish to bring your family with you to the UK, we can also help with all the necessary documents required to support your dependents.

          British Citizenship and Settlement

          Deciding to settle in a foreign country is the most significant step of your immigration journey.

          For this reason, IAS’ lawyers offer complete support to those who wish to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

          If you are currently living in the UK as a settled person and you wish to naturalise as a British citizen, we can assist you through each step of this process.

          We can help you obtain your British passport, whether you were born in the UK, have lived in this country as a lawful resident for several years, or are married to a British national.

          If you have been granted permission to stay in the UK for more than six months, we can also liaise with the Home Office to ensure that you receive your Biometric Residence Permit.

          Visitor Visas and Emigration Services

          International visitors may need a visa to visit the UK and to remain in the country for a short period.

          For example, those who wish to visit the UK for leisure purposes, receiving private medical treatment or attending unpaid business appointments can apply for a Sonnenbrille Herren Damen Quadratische Sonnenbrille Damenmode Br. Alternatively, if you have been invited to the UK as a recognised expert of your profession, you may be eligible for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa. Certain categories of travellers who need to pass through the UK on their way to another country may need to request a visitor in Transit visa.

          Our immigration lawyers are also experienced in international law, meaning that we can also offer legal assistance to those who wish to emigrate to the USA from the UK.

          Get in touch with our team to learn more about our emigration services, including emigrating to Australia or moving to Canada from the UK.

          US Immigration Services

          As well as specializing in UK immigration law, the IAS also have a team of US immigration experts. The US immigration system is also complex, which is why our highly trained immigration attorneys in America are dedicated to providing reliable and professional assistance with all of your USA immigration needs.

          We have offices located across the USA in areas including New York CityNew JerseyBrooklyn HeightsValley StreamTexas and Long Island. If you are unable to make it to one of our offices in person, our USA immigration lawyers can still assist you. They offer remote appointments over the phone or via Skype call.

          For more information about our US and other worldwide immigration services, get in touch with our team in the United States today by calling +1 844 290 6312.

          How can our immigration lawyers in the USA help you?

          Our immigration lawyers in the USA are experienced in all areas of US immigration law and can provide assistance with all of the following areas:

          As industry experts, our lawyers can give you the best chance of success with your US immigration application, ensuring that your application meets all of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) requirements and is completed to the highest standard.

          We're here to help. You can call us, email us, visit one of our multiple offices or speak to us via Live Chat. Learn more

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            Our packages

            With our in-depth knowledge of UK immigration law, we can provide you and your family with our all-inclusive assistance. In other words, we are here to help you with every stage of your visa application process, from initial consultation to the submission of your forms.

            Untimed Advice Sessions

            If you want to find out how IAS’ immigration lawyers can help you, you can book an advice session with one of our advisers.

            By choosing our Advice Package, you can meet with your dedicated adviser to discuss your situation. You will be able to ask any questions and you will receive detailed information on your case. Together with your lawyer, you will:

            • Explore your opportunities to get your desired result;
            • Learn more about the criteria required to qualify for your chosen immigration route;
            • Check if you hold the necessary documentation to build an adequate portfolio of evidence;
            • Outline the expected time-frames to process your case and receive a response from the authorities.

            At the end of this untimed advice session, you will have seven days to ask any follow-up questions free of charge. If you are happy with our services and with our plan of action, you can employ the services of your lawyer to complete your application on your behalf.

            If you are unable to travel to one of our offices, will be happy to work for you remotely, and arrange your next advice session via Skype or over the phone.

            UK Visa Application Help

            If you wish to receive complete guidance on your immigration journey, you can hire one of our professional lawyers and choose our bespoke Application Package.

            This service is designed to offer complete assistance on any UK Visa application case.

            One of our most talented immigration advisers will be assigned to you, helping you to prepare and submit your case, as well as monitor the progress of your application, liaising with the Home Office until you get your desired outcome.

            Our services include not only an in-depth review of your case, but complete assistance in meeting the legal requirements and qualifying for your visa. We will:

            • Review your situation to ensure that you meet the conditions required to qualify for your desired visa;
            • Help you organise your bundle of supporting documents;
            • Write a Letter of Representation. This declaration, written by your lawyer, will highlight the merits of your case;
            • Complete and submit your application forms and paperwork on your behalf.

            Get in touch today to meet your dedicated caseworker and learn how we can take care of your case, including completing and submitting your forms to the Home Office on your behalf.

            Appeal Services & Legal Representation

            We understand that a failed visa application can be devastating for you, your family or your business. For this reason, we believe that your aspirations shouldn’t necessarily be wrecked by an application rejection letter. Therefore, we provide a dedicated Appeal Package designed to give you the best possible chance of success.

            As a part of our services, we will:

            • Investigate the reason for your refusal;
            • Assess your options to submit an appeal;
            • If you wish to challenge the Home Office’s verdict and file an administrative review, we will help you produce a successful bundle of documents to support the merits of your case;

            If necessary, we will also be ready to represent you at the full hearing before the tribunal and liaise with the authorities until your case is finally solved.

            Fast-Track Applications Service

            We are committed to processing your case as soon as you decide to hire one of our expert lawyers. Nevertheless, certain visa applications may be particularly time-sensitive and require you to submit your forms within a strict timeframe.

            If you are worried about meeting a specific deadline, or if you wish to receive a response from the UKVI as soon as possible, our bespoke Fast-Track Application Package can suit your needs. This includes:

            • An untimed session with our lawyers to discuss your case;
            • Extensive application & supporting documentation check;
            • Liaison with the Home Office to monitor the progress of your application.

            One of our professionals will offer immediate support, and will book a Home Office’s Same-Day Premium Service slot on your behalf. In other words, your case will become a top priority for our team, and we will ensure your application is processed in time to meet your deadline.

            Documents & Records Checking Service

            Compiling an extensive and adequate bundle of supporting documents is a crucial step to ensure that your application is successful.

            If you fail to provide the Home Office with satisfactory evidence of your current situation and your eligibility, your case will most likely be delayed or even rejected.

            For this reason, although you may feel comfortable with completing your forms on your own, it is still advisable to seek the advice of an immigration expert.

            By choosing our Application Checking services, one of our lawyers will:

            • Check through your application forms and documents to assess their adequacy;
            • Ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly and that there are no mistakes;
            • Offer dedicated guidance based on your circumstances;
            • Advise you on any amendments which may help you get a positive outcome from your application.

            If you are happy with our services, you can entrust your case with our experts, and receive our complete guidance on your application.

            Call us today to discuss your case and find out what our UK immigration lawyers can do for you.

            Asylum and Detainee Help

            We recognise the urgency involved with claiming asylum, and we are committed to offering immediate support to those who have left their country and are unable to go back due to fear of persecution.

            At IAS, we have already assisted several asylum claimants, helping them receive the humanitarian protection they needed.

            Our high-quality legal aid services are also dedicated to those who are being held in an immigration removal centre. You can seek our help at any point during your detention, including if you are at the airport. Our lawyers are constantly available to offer immediate support to those who are in need, meaning that we can start working on your case within 24 hours of your enquiry or phone call.

            Our Deportation/Detention Application Package includes:

            • Visiting the person at the detention centre to assess the circumstances;
            • Advising on which application to make to solve your situation;
            • Applying for bail to an immigration judge;
            • Our complete legal support for you and your beloved ones until a decision is reached for the case.

            Speak to our professionals to learn how we can help you get out of bail detention, and how we can arrange a detainee visit for your relatives.

            Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our professional services and to find out how we can help. Contact Us

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              Each immigration case is different and requires different routes and processing times. Consequently, there is no fixed price to enter or settle in the UK. It is impossible to predict how much the guidance of an immigration lawyer is going to cost. Nevertheless, hiring an expert will make your application less stressful.

              With the help of IAS’ immigration lawyers, you can avoid unpleasant situations, such as having your application delayed or rejected. This means that you will be less likely to spend further time and money on a new application or an appeal.

              Immigration lawyers are professionals who use their knowledge of UK immigration law to provide their clients with dedicated advice. They offer guidance on complex matters such as UK visa applications, settlement status and British citizenship registration, business immigration law, and deportation issues.

              At IAS, our OISC-qualified experts are trained to help you and your family navigate through the process of emigrating or settling in the UK.

              Although there are several competent immigration lawyers in the UK, it is essential to individuate the right professional, whose knowledge is relevant to your case.

              At IAS, we are committed to offering dedicated advice, that is specifically tailored to the circumstances of each of our clients. For this reason, we will pair you with a professional who suits your needs and who will know how to handle your case proficiently.

              Seeking the help of a professional immigration lawyer is an essential step to ensure that your application is completed correctly without the risk of being rejected. Appealing against a rejected visa application may be costly. Most importantly, the majority of these troublesome outcomes can be avoided by entrusting your case to an expert who knows how to prepare adequate documentation for your case.

              By hiring one of IAS’ immigration lawyers, you will receive complete guidance on your case. This includes assessing your eligibility, gathering a bundle of supporting documents, and completing your application forms. In addition, we will liaise with the Home Office to regularly check the status of your application.

              Our team of immigration lawyers will process your case as soon as possible, and work tirelessly until you get your desired results.

              Your dedicated lawyer will provide you with an overview of your expected processing time. However, this may vary depending on several circumstances, such as the number of cases that the UKVI needs to process before yours. To speed up your waiting time, we will ensure that your forms are completed to the highest standards and that you present adequate documents to support your application.

              If your case is time-sensitive and you have a strict deadline to meet, we offer a dedicated Fast Track Application Package. To learn more about this package and all the services provided by our immigration lawyers, call us or enquire online.

              Yes, at IAS we are proud to offer OISC training courses, aimed at providing participants with an in-depth knowledge of UK immigration, EU and Asylum law.

              Our courses are structured into three different levels:

              • OISC Level 1, for those who are interested in receiving introductory knowledge of UK immigration law
              • OISC Level 2, covering intermediate structures and concepts of the field
              • OISC Level 3, designed for those who already have advanced knowledge of UK immigration frameworks

              All of our courses offer detailed instruction and useful tips to ensure that each candidate is adequately prepared to pass the OISC final exam.